Robert Critchlow

Good cabinetry excels in beauty, utility, and durability. A carefully installed set will set the tone for the visual space,  provide a streamlined method of access and will withstand the test of time in both stamina and style.

With 25 years of experience in custom cabinetry, Robert Critchlow understands better than most the role and importance of cabinetry in a home. Robert applies great attention and dedication to every job, from initial design and layout to completed installation. At the end of the day? We’re just working closely with clients to ensure that they are just as satisfied with the quality of service as they are with the final results.

Cortney Whitfield

At Meritus Cabinetry, we recognize cabinets as one of the defining elements of a home. But deciding on a particular finish can be difficult with so many styles and options available. From flat panel and inset, to distressed and beadboard, the choices can be overwhelming.

This is where Cortney steps in. Specializing in Interior Design and Graphic Arts, Cortney offers artistic vision in selecting the right blend of materials and finishes to compliment any style. Cortney works overtime to insure that the homes who partner with Meritus see their dream-interiors realized. Cortney has experience in both residential and commercial design, and her flexibility on projects resembles only that of the many styles available.

Jason Callaway

With 25 years in the construction industry, Jason has the understanding of what commercial and residential builders need. Jason is passionate about problem solving and connecting with clients and builders to discuss their needs to help them complete their projects.